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Private Hire Chauffeur in London | Introducing the Monaco Jetstar

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Oracle Chauffeur Services already has an excellent reputation in London, and throughout the UK, for the exceptional standards of service we provide. We firmly believe in designing our executive chauffeur service around the needs of the customer. Privacy, discretion and experience, the mainstays of being a private hire chauffeur, matter to our clients. Other important attributes of a chauffeur hire company include comfort, safety and protection.

But while these qualities are very much the cornerstones of any reputable executive chauffeur service, it’s equally as important for our clients, in London or nationwide, to have a certain amount of flexibility in their choice of vehicle. Oracle regularly invests into the latest makes and models, and the Monaco Jetstar is the most recent addition to our fleet.


If you need a private hire chauffeur and wish to transport up to 8 people in one of the most luxurious models for the chauffeur hire sector, the Monaco Jetstar deserves consideration. Available for hire anywhere in London or the UK, this stylish Mercedes-Benz vehicle comes packed with features and is a valuable addition to our already-expansive collection.


We provide specification for the Monaco Jetstar below, but also invite you to the read the testimonials of previous clients who have used this luxury vehicle in the past.


Vehicle Specification


  • Fitted with bumpers, skirts and tailgate in stylish Monaco appearance
  • Black-banded Monaco panoramic windows
  • Innovative running lights using the latest LED technology
  • Attractive metallic paintwork with a chrome pack
  • The latest bi-xenon headlamps and advanced sensors from Parkatronic
  • Electric heating and electric adjustable side mirrors
  • An adjustable gearbox with an impressive 7 gears
  • Alco aluminium wheels complete with stainless steel wheel trims
  • Cruise control fitted for comfortable performance and superior fuel economy

Passenger Features


  • Bespoke Monaco leather seating for up to 8 passengers
  • Optional arms rests, massaging, power head rests and electric recline
  • Auxiliary split charger and battery (USB and 240V)
  • LED multimedia system complete with surround sound
  • In-built fridge with tea and coffee-making facilities
  • Two-way intercom and relaxing LED mood lighting
  • 7-inch touchscreen SAT-NAV, DAB radio and integrated Wi-Fi
  • Stylish interior linings and luxury flooring
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Independent air conditioning and heating system for optimal comfort


The Monaco Jetstar from Mercedes-Benz is the pinnacle of an executive chauffeur service that has London and the UK returning to use our company on a repeat basis. Our choice of vehicle for intermediate numbers of passengers reflects the integrity of our entire business operation. With additional care and courtesy from a private hire chauffeur on our growing team, Oracle offers its customers the complete regional and nationwide service.


We have our full terms, conditions and tariffs available on this website.

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