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Frequently-Asked Questions on Chauffeur Hire in London


Covering London and the surrounding Home Counties, Oracle provides a tailored executive chauffeur service that genuinely merits its deserved reputation. Our chauffeur-driven cars are part of an impressive vehicle fleet that only contains prestige marques. If you need a chauffeur-driven Mercedes, Jaguar or Range Rover, we’ll always be here to assist you.


Using a private hire chauffeur is incredibly popular amongst clients in and around London, particularly with names from the worlds of politics, sport, music, theatre and dance. We provide chauffeur hire services with complete discretion, and dispatch all chauffeur hire cars with a well-presented, courteous professional with full London and UK road knowledge.


If you have been considering our chauffeur hire service, or if you would like to use our chauffeur-driven cars to take you to an event or occasion, you may be interested in reading through some of the frequently-asked questions that come from our London and UK clients.


What exactly is private chauffeur hire?


We like to describe our chauffeur hire as a high-end alternative to traditional private hire services. We remain discrete over who our clients are but it’s safe to say that they come from every walk of life. We remind prospective clients in London that a prestige executive chauffeur service, although more expensive than those offered by some traditional service providers, represents genuine value for money each and every time you use us.


Use of our chauffeur-driven cars is a true experience.


What sort of vehicle will Oracle send out?


At Oracle, we have an impressive fleet that only consists of prestige marques. We can supply you with a Range Rover, a Jaguar or a chauffeur-driven Mercedes for transport around London, the Home Counties or the UK. Our Mercedes fleet consists of S-Class, V-Class and Monaco Jetstar models. We also have the sporty Jaguar XJL model available.


If you are looking for something slightly bigger, we can provide you with the Range Rover Vogue for what is essentially a limousine experience in a 4WD vehicle. Every chauffeur-driven Mercedes, Jaguar and Range Rover provided to our London clients has innovative facilities such as Wi-Fi and in-car entertainment. Further information is available on request.


Where can a chauffeur-driven car take me?


Within reason, we can take you just about anywhere. Much of the work is for the executive sector so a chauffeur-driven car even has reversible seats that allow you to hold face-to-face business meetings while you travel. All corporate and executive travel in London managed by Oracle affords a private hire chauffeur experience rarely found through our competitors.


We can also provide transfers to all London and UK airports but our services are not restricted to business use. A chauffeur from our fleet can make the perfect addition to special occasions and events, such as weddings, race days and celebrations.


Do you offer any additional services?


Yes. While private chauffeur hire is our speciality, we offer our clients a charter and concierge service that is second-to-none. Oracle can charter an aircraft to take you to important meetings anywhere in the world and, once it’s time to relax, we can even charter a yacht. Very few executive chauffeur service providers can do this for you.


And, if you need tickets for the biggest sporting events or theatre productions in London, we can help you with our concierge services. We can also arrange bookings for top London and UK restaurants, and rooms in the finest hotels. At Oracle, we provide you with a chauffeur hire, charter and concierge service that’s quite unlike any other.


Call Oracle Chauffeur Services Ltd on 07850 496791 if you have any further questions on our executive chauffeur service in London and anywhere else in the UK.